Knee Replacement using J&J's Attune


On 25th December 2014 Dr Sangtani performed Vidarbha’s first pseudo “custom” knee replacement surgery at the Ortho Relief Hospital & Research Centre. The implant used was Johnson & Johnson’s “ATTUNE” knee system.

This follows Dr H J Sangtani’s track record of pioneering advancements in the field of joint replacement surgery. These include performing in central India the first ever Knee Replacement, Hip Resurfacing, Computer Assisted Surgery and Elbow Replacement (using Sloppy Joint). Dr Sangtani is also the leading user of J&J’s mobile bearing high flexion (greater bending) knee implants such as RP-F & PS150 in all of India.

Knee joint replacement is a highly successful procedure (~98% surgical success rate) globally. But, data has shown that while patients are relatively satisfied with their implants (Global Satisfaction rates of 82%), there is still scope for improvement in things like stability while coming down stairs, as well as post operative knee pain and speed of recovery, which can all lead to lack of confidence in the patient.

With the ATTUNE Knee, these issues become a thing of the past because of the 13 new patented technologies offered. The availability of an extensive range of implant sizes for Asian patients enables your surgeon to find the closest match to your natural anatomy and ensures stable, flexible motion.

Attune has been designed in such a way that surgeons can feel the stability of the implant intra-operatively. The knee system also offers a larger degree of customization to address anatomical structure of people of various ethnicities around the globe - it comes in 10 tibia and 10 femur sizes. Since the launch of Attune Knee System, over 40,000 Attunes have been implanted globally and surgeons have reportedly been very happy with the device.

Moreover, as of 16th August 2017 with India's Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announcing a ceiling on knee implants, the price of this implant in India has dropped to less than Rs 60,000 from close to Rs 2 lakh earlier. That is a 70% reduction in price making this technology accessible to patients from all sections of society!


Superior Stability & Decreased Post-Operative Pain:
The design provides superior stability and imparts confidence especially during activities like walking over rough ground, and going up and down stairs. Patients feel more confident about being able to move about without feeling wobbly and unstable, as well as not feel knee pain - instability and anterior knee pain are major causes of patient dissatisfaction following a knee replacement procedure.

Increased Durability:
The ATTUNE® Knee System uses an advanced polyethylene (plastic) material to act as a spacer that goes in between the tibia (shin bone) and the femur (thigh bone) to replace the cartilage. This material has been extensively tested and shown to have excellent mechanical strength and resistance to wear resulting in an approximate life of implant of 30 yrs.

Improved Flexion:
In a clinical study, physical therapists noted that ATTUNE Knee patients had significantly greater range of motion than other knee replacement patients, both two and six weeks post surgery.

Faster Recovery:
Though the post-surgery recovery time is dependent on an individual patient’s pre-existing physical and medical condition, in a clinical study, physical therapists noted that ATTUNE patients required significantly less time than other knee replacement patients to meet the necessary criteria to leave the hospital.

So if you're suffering from knee pain and have been advised knee replacement surgery, give us a call at 8071270511 to find out more about the ATTUNE knee implant system. 

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