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Our Story

Central India's leading multi-specialty orthopaedic hospital for joint replacement, spine surgery, fracture treatment & arthroscopic surgery. Founded by Dr H J Sangtani in 1992. Dr Hargun J Sangtani’s clinical establishment - the Ortho Relief Hospital & Research Centre – is a source of hope for patients suffering from arthritis and other orthopaedic ailments. Dr Sangtani returned to Nagpur in 1991 after spending a decade in the UK enhancing his orthopaedic acumen through various quality assignments as a consultant. Ever since his days in the UK he has had one driving mission - to offer Indians the same advanced quality of orthopaedic care as patients get in the best hospitals of the developed world. This led to the setting up of the 30 bedded Ortho Relief Hospital & Research Centre in Nagpur. It was the most advanced and comprehensive orthopaedic facility in central India in 1992, equipped with the most sophisticated and advanced technology available, and that stands true even today.